Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved in CGSWA! Whether you like to bake, organize, volunteer, or socialize, we've got a spot for you. Stay updated on our monthly events at our Facebook page: Sitka CGSWA.

Although we encourage all spouses and active duty women to become paid CGSWA members, it is not a requirement for some events. If you choose to become a member, your annual due is $20 and is charged upon your initial signup.

Being a paid member does have its perks!

  • Reduced fees at events

  • Some of our events are exclusive to members only

  • Business owners who are paid members get free advertising on our webpage and are allowed to post on our FB page on small business Saturdays!

  • Paid members can vote at meetings, voice ideas or concerns at board meetings, and use their talents by joining our various committees.

  • Connect with great women and spouses of the Sitka Coast Guard family!

Hospitality Team

Work with the Hospitality Board Member to reach out to families during transitions and milestones. Send cards, flowers, and/or small gifts for special occasions and major life events. Make sure all Sitka CG families get at least two meals during times of need. Deliver newborn gifts to member families. Create and distribute Welcome Bags to Coast Guard incoming families. Oversee gift selection for board members to be presented at the May Installation meeting.

Like to cook? If you would like to be a backup cook for Meal Trains, please contact

Know of someone who is in a transition or celebrating a milestone in our CG community? Contact! We understand that every situation and hardship is different and treat all information as confidential.

Ways and Means Team

Work with the Ways and Means Board Member to create merchandise and baked goods to sell at various CGSWA and community events.

Like to bake? Contact to sign up for our bakers' list to help bake for various events throughout the year!

CGSWA Scholarship and Small Business Grant Program

CGSWA uses funds from the year to support scholars and local businesses. Be part of the team that makes this possible! Send applications to all area high schools, colleges, and eligible businesses. Select judges. Notify the winner and alternates. Present scholarship(s) and grant(s).

Rainy Day Bazaar and Silent Auction

This event is our largest fundraiser that brings together local artisans and others who wish to purchase space to sell their wares. Ensure contract for vendors is up-to-date, solicit for vendor participants in the event and silent auction/ raffle if applicable, organize event map, work with Ways and Means to provide concurrent fundraisers. Work directly with Treasurer to collect payments, oversee event and cleanup, market and promote the event on Facebook and in the community/other applicable sources and maintain a database of past vendors.

Photography Team

Photograph events and add to the Facebook page to promote the association, share with local news outlets when applicable.

Mommy and Me Events

Coordinate monthly events for moms and their children during the day. Publicize events through Facebook, answer questions, and make reservations if needed.

  • Children's Christmas Party

Evening Events

Plan fun outings/get-togethers that take place in the evenings and/or weekends to provide more options for members that are unavailable for daytime events. Publicize through the website and Facebook, answer questions, and make reservations.

Interested in serving on a committee or volunteering at an event? Send us an email at

We have a place for you!