Get Involved!


Work with the Hospitality Board Member to reach out to families during transitions and milestones. Make sure all Sitka CG families get at least two meals during times of need. Create and distribute Welcome Bags to incoming Coast Guard families. Oversee gift selection for board members to be presented at the May Farewell Dinner/Member Meeting. 

Know of someone who is in a transition or celebrating a milestone in our CG community? Contact! We understand that every situation and hardship is different and treat all information as confidential. 


Work with the Merchandise Lead to create merchandise and baked goods to sell at various CGSWA and community events. 

Like to bake? Be on the lookout for volunteer opportunities! October is the CGC Kukui's Haunted Ship and we provide baked goods and other concessions at the event to raise funds that allow us to offer free events for our CG families.

Rainy Day Bazaar and Silent Auction

This event is our largest fundraiser of the year that brings together local artisans and others who wish to purchase space to sell their wares. We ask volunteers to help in some way in preparation and during this event! This fundraiser provides us with a budget for the free events we provide throughout the year for our CG families.

CGSWA Scholarship and Small Business/Non-profit Grant Program

CGSWA uses funds from the Rainy Day Bazaar's Silent Auction to support scholars and local businesses and/or non-profit organizations. Be part of the team that makes this possible! Send applications to all area high schools, colleges, and eligible businesses. Notify the winner and alternates. Present scholarship(s) and grant(s). This team is created at the January Member Meeting.

Family Fun Events

Be part of the many events put on by Family Fun! Here are just a few: 

Evening Events

Join us and maybe even plan one of the fun outings/get-togethers that take place in the evenings and/or weekends for some no-kid(s) events.  

Book Club

Book lovers meet once a month to discuss a themed book! Event details are on our Facebook group page.  

Hiking Club

Ranges from stroller-friendly walks to large, day-long hikes in the summer! Details on current happenings are on our Facebook group page. 

Interested in serving on a committee or volunteering at an event? Send us an email at

We have a place for you!